Friday, 13 April 2012

the fight

monkey1, old delhi trainstation, delhi, april 2012

They looked in your eyes. I think that is it. dogs do not like to look in your eyes, neither horses nor cats. Monkeys do.. look at them.

They are scary. Not just there movements, but they are looking at your eyes. The one. at the end, before I was running.

monkey2, old delhi trainstation, delhi, april 2012
When I was in varanasi I already got attacked by the monkeys. We were on the rooftop. They were sitting 5 meters away from me. I thought they are cued wanted to take an image of the, they started to jump, I ran.

in varansi the monkeys are bad, apparently. They steal, they bite they attack. In goa they are good one. the just come to the village if they ran out with food in the rainforest. Or with energy. Easy to get food for them in the village, my landlord said.

monkey3, old delhi trainstation, delhi, april 2012

Un the old dehli transition there are thousand. Must be a vest for them looking through all the rubbish and finding delicious best bits. They are on the track on the steps. Jumping around. Eating, drinking. Looking.  People looking at them. I am getting closer.

Mads is getting sometimes annoyed about the Indians asking him things, offering him rickshaw, interfering in his life. I understand I get annoyed sometimes, if it is too much. You do not always wanna stick out, just because you are a minority. Mads is screaming in denish. A good method. People are leaving him.
One of the monkeys is showing his teeth, screams, looks at us. I ran around the corner. Maybe the guys who talk to ad feel the same like me.

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